About the director

Shirleide Viana Epting, founder and director of Brasil do Mundo, was born in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil in 1976.

The experience

Her academic and professional career started in 1995 when she entered the Language Institute of the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA) to initiate her Portuguese and English studies. From this year on, she started teaching, accumulating experiences and her passion for this work only grew with time. Her curriculum includes private and state schools, language courses, private lessons, as well as congresses, seminars, lectures, conferences and courses to unite the best of academic theory with the classroom practice.

In all these years of experience teaching Portuguese and English, she also lived in Denmark, Italy, England and Germany, where she studied and worked. Since 2005, she decided to settle in Cologne – Germany, where Brasil do Mundo’s headquarters is located. 

The idea

Shirleide has been specializing more and more at individualized teaching since she moved to Germany. The idea of creating Brasil do Mundo emerged from  contact with many people who wanted to learn Portuguese or English, but just couldn’t find the time to go to a language school. 

After spending time in some of these schools, having  learned herself English, Italian and German this way, Shirleide noticed that much of what is taught in these courses is not interesting for everybody in the classroom. Each person has their own individual needs, but they end up wasting time with unnecessary content.

Our intentions

Considering these aspects, our goal is to give you exactly what you want. You have the right to decide what you want to learn. In Brasil do Mundo you are the boss!