Not so sure about your text?

We offer detailed editing and proofreading services. In case you are not sure about your written work in Brazilian Portuguese, we will be glad to optimize spelling, grammar and punctuation and we can even help you formulating your ideas if necessary.

We also edit and proofread translations performed by other professionals. If you have a translated document for which you want a second opinion, or a translation that you feel doesn't suit your needs, we'll be happy to help you.

Are you a Portuguese student?

If you need to write in Portuguese for your school or university and sometimes have doubts about your piece of writing, we can help you! At the same time that we edit and proofread your text, we can also write it together. We offer classes, on-line or in our classroom, directed specifically at text writing. This way, you have the chance to learn while you write, proofread or edit your text.

Writing in business?

Knowing how to write nowadays is a must in the working world. After all, efficient communication contributes to a better performance in any company. In this sense, our objective is to meet the needs of those professionals to whom written communication is a working tool. That is why we can edit your text with you, in your own company or on-line, like in a lesson. This way, you can edit or proofread your text and learn at the same time!